Friday, October 26, 2012

New Location for 2012 Festival

The new location for the 2012 Carolina Pottery Festival is Cleveland Mall, 2001 E. Dixon Blvd., Shelby, NC 28152

We are so excited about this location. After searching many locations for a large enough venue to accomodate all the potters attending the 2012 Festival, we were able to come up with space at the Cleveland Mall. This is a beautiful location with plenty of parking, convenient to 2 hotels and numerous restaurants inside the Mall and on the Mall property. This gives us the space we need for all our potters and an indoor venue! Our thanks go out to the Mall, and the stores at the Mall that were able to provide us with the room we needed.

Normally there is a $3.00 admission fee for the Festival which goes toward the advertising and printing costs and a portion of it also benefits the Cleveland Co. Arts Council for help with all of their great programs. In lieu of the admission fee, we will be asking for donations from the public and there will probably be some other sort of exciting event like a pottery raffle to help offset the loss of these funds.

Please forward this to all your friends so we can let everyone know where we will be on Nov. 10th. And you can share this post on your Facebook page by choosing MORE on the top menu of the blog and then logging in to your Facebook !

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