Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Nov. 7, 2015

It will be here soon and everyone is getting ready! Tons of pottery is being made--handbuilt, wheel-thrown, sculpted, carved, decorated, glazed with beautiful colors and fired in a myriad of kilns across the region. Wood fired, gas fired, soda fired, fired in oxidation, pit fired, raku fired....we're just a bunch of firing-like-mad folks!! Tune into the Facebook page to see examples of work--we're trying to feature about 6 potters a week. Also, see what else there is to do in Shelby and surrounding areas. Make it a weekend out when you visit the 2015 Carolina Pottery Festival. Check out the Facebook page as we will be running some cool contests with great prizes in the weeks before the Festival.

This piece is by Tim Moran, Celtic Pottery.